The location is exceptionally convenient, situated just 4 km from the city center and within easy reach of the National Road, as well as all major beaches and attractions of Chania. Additionally, a taxi rank and a city bus stop are located within 50 meters of the reception. The square of Souda, particularly during the summer months, offers an ideal setting for leisurely afternoons with coffee or drinks from the local establishments. As night falls, it transforms into a vibrant neighborhood bustling with activity, especially during the departure of daily ships.


The enchanting city of Chania is only 15 minutes away by car. Discover the city's hidden treasures, starting with the relaxing suburb of Souda and Oniros Residences. A city with a long history, which starts from the Minoan period (in 395 BC) and continues to this day! A city full of colors, flavors and experiences that you must discover... The romantic atmosphere of the Old Port with its narrow Venetian alleys, the amazing Cretan cuisine, known as one of the healthiest and at the same time one of the tastiest, but also the friendly locals famous for their well-known Cretan hospitality, will make you want to return back to this jewel of the Mediterranean!



Just a few meters from the port of Souda and just 20 minutes from Chania airport, in the bay of Souda, Oniros Residences awaits you! Through our experienced agency, we can help you book a transfer from any city to Chania. Looking for private transport, minibus, taxi or limousine, from anywhere in Crete? We are here to assist you!


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